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    Paul Miller

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your support.

    Just a couple of questions

    I want to add a “Vendors List” page to the menu of the front page (to show all current shops..) but I ran into a few problems….

    first of all, following your knowledgebase (pages and shortcodes) it says…..
    “The following pages and shortcodes are required for WC Vendors Pro to run. These pages should have been created and…” (A vendors List page was not created, why would one not be Automatically created in a Multi-vendor plugin??)
    it then talks about
    “If you would like to show a page with all your vendors on it then you can use the following shortcode. This can also be customised with the the pro-vendors-list.php template found in the following location.


    i’m sorry but, I dont understand the “shortcode” answer at all(which seems to be the answer for many questions in the forum)
    Where do you copy/add the shortcode to?
    Can you give me a Step-By-Step example of creating a page which uses the “shortcode/s” please?

    where in WCvendors can you add a page with shortcode to the menu, (eg vendor-list ), I followed the usual method in Woocommerce by going to “Appearances > Menu” but the existing menu structure of “Home, cart, Pro dashboard etc” was GREYED out, and does NOT ALLOW me to edit/add pages to the menu! (I’m assuming this is due to WC-Vendors??)

    Sorry, if it is not already apparent, I am not a programmer, so some basic assumptions of prior knowledge of altering .php files and altering the structure of “hooks/links between pages” etc may not be valid for me!

    Also, in trying to follow the instructions on copying over templates to my themes folders…

    My file structure in my theme is wp-content/themes/storefront/ and the 3 folders “assets, inc, languages”

    There are currently NO folders called “wc-vendors, front,store,dashboard etc!!!” in my themes folder, so I cannot copy those files and keep the directory structure as recommended!
    Do I have to manually create those folders? (i would not thinks so….?)
    Or has my installation/setup of WcVendors been somehow wrong.

    Sorry again if these query’s seem simple, but I have been searching forums/knowledge base for several days, and have not seen anything which answers these questions.

    Thanks again for all your support



    Where do you copy/add the shortcode to?
    Can you give me a Step-By-Step example of creating a page which uses the “shortcode/s” please?

    To create a page and use the shortcode for the vendor list, all you need to do is go wo wp admin > pages > add new.
    Create a page. In the text area, add the shortcode:[wcv_pro_vendorslist] and save. That’s it! 🙂
    You’d only use the template if you wish to modify or add to what is displayed on that page.

    If you wish to view other WC Vendors & WC Vendors Pro shortcodes, please see this kb article:

    where in WCvendors can you add a page with shortcode to the menu

    This is not something you add in WC Vendors. You’d use the WordPress menus. If you want to add your newly created Vendors List page (the one where you just added the shortcode [wcv_pro_vendorslist] ) to your main menu or one of your site menus, go to: wp admin > appearance > menus . In the left column, under the category Pages, click View All.. Find the page you just created, check the box to add it to your menu.

    but the existing menu structure of “Home, cart, Pro dashboard etc” was GREYED out, and does NOT ALLOW me to edit/add pages to the menu! (I’m assuming this is due to WC-Vendors??)

    No- that is not from WC Vendors. Select a menu from your menus list – or create one – and add items from the left column to the menu. If that is not working, that’s not us– something else is wrong.

    Regarding the template modifications and concerns with php knowledge…
    You actually should at least get a bit familiar with php if you are going to be making modifications to your files and templates. You can absolutely USE WC Vendors & WC Vendors Pro without being a programmer. however, if you wish to make a lot of modifications you will need to at east learn some php and have a general understanding. Or- you’ll need to hire a developer to assist you with making changes.

    The template overrides:
    You only should be copying templates to your theme folder f you are planning on making modification to the templates.
    First thing.. you should learn about themes and child themes. https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes
    You REALLY SHOULD use a child theme if you plan on making modifications.
    Secondly, no- those files are not automatically in your THEME. They are in the plugin WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro. To modify template files form WC Vendors or WC Vendors Pro, you copy the file form the plugin folder, and move the copied template file to your theme or child theme folder. Anytime you modify a template file from a plugin- any plugin- you have to copy it and move it to your theme or child theme.

    You wish to make a few changes in your WC Vendors Pro product add/edit front-end form for your vendors (product-edit.php template) . Let’s say you want to move the SKU and Private Listing fields so they appear below the Price fields.
    Open this file in your wordpress install:
    Copy the file.
    Move it to your theme or child theme folder. You WILL have to create the folder wcvendors and then the folder dashboard within your theme or child theme folder:

    Now edit the file and apply your changes to that product-edit.php file.

    Modifying template files:

    Paul Miller

    Thankyou so Much Anna,

    You have really helped me, and I am now encouraged me to begin learning .php!

    I was aware about the recommendation of creating “Child” themes etc, but was wanting some of the above answers before I leaped ahead.(I will now create one)

    thanks again for your patience


    You’re welcome- yes, definitely use a child theme! 😉

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