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     Ilja Becker 

    if user create products, i need to approve them.
    But they don’t receive a Email if the Product go online.

    Can you help me?
    I can’t find the option.

    WC Vendors Official Support

    We do not have a built-in email for admin approval of products.

     Ilja Becker 

    Is the function implemented in the future?
    Or have someone another solution for this?

     Ilja Becker 

    if someone need too.

    /* WC Vendors Pro - Notify Vendor when Product is Approved */
    add_action( 'pending_to_publish', 'wcv_notify_vendor_on_publish' );
    function wcv_notify_vendor_on_publish( $post_id ) {
        global $post;
        if ( $post->post_author != get_current_user_id() ) {
        	$author = new WP_User( $post->post_author );
        	$email_data = array(
        		'to'      => $author->user_email,
        		'subject' => sprintf( __( 'Your post on %1$s has been published!', 'email_author_on_publish' ), get_bloginfo('name') ),
        		'message' => sprintf( __( 'Your post "%1$s" on %2$s has been published: %3$s', 'email_author_on_publish' ), $post->post_title, get_bloginfo( 'name' ), get_permalink( $post->ID ) ),
        	wp_mail( $email_data['to'], $email_data['subject'], $email_data['message'] );
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