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    Dylan Moore

    Updated WooCommerce and (finally) WC-Vendors Pro after a mistake on my account was corrected. We’re finally using the newest version so thank you for fixing that.

    However, now orders simply do not export. I’ve changed nothing. Older versions of the plugin did it just fine.

    What this new version did fix was my old thread here: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/error-on-vendor-settings-shipping-page/#post-57778

    My website is very, very large/complex with many active users. I’m going to have to spend my evening moving it and changing its SSL configuration just so that I can disable each and every plugin but the ones necessary to diagnose these issues in a contained environment that doesn’t disrupt the current website which, besides a few WC-Vendors-specific problems, is running just fine. I will be able to provide more information for you then.

    Edit: Also am I correct in assuming there is no auto-update? When I updated our plugin, it was arduously through SSH & using wget to download the zip after I hosted it myself. 1.3.7 did not offer to update itself to 1.3.9 when I got my license working properly. Is this what I can expect to have to do every time there is an update?


    There should be updates available in the WP admin when we push a new Pro version.
    I do not know why your update was not available; this has happened with a few other users, and they have had to manually update.
    Normally, if you license is active on your site, you’ll be notified of an available update in your wp admin >updates or wp admin > plugins as is typical with licensed plugins.

    I do not know why the csv upload is not working correctly- that doe snot look like it should at all. What program are you using to open the file?

    Dylan Moore

    OpenOffice, but as it’s a csv I’ve tried opening it with a simple text editor to no avail.

    Something I did notice:

    For this testing scenario, I’m exporting the file only after setting the date back an extra month to reveal an older order I’ve been using for testing the CSV export. In the same photo you can see “Start Date” and “End Date” and when I load the page, there are no orders. I first must tell it to go back to January, by then it reveals my test order, and the export is blank.

    Could it be that it’s not refreshing when I load the dates and exporting a blank because technically, this month has no orders, only January does?


    I have submitted an issue for the CSV date range selection– as it does not currently seem to be working properly in my testing.
    I will notify you of any updates- our lead developer will be looking into this issue soon.

    Craig Hanson

    I have experienced the same issue with changing the date range selection but the CSV does not reflect the same changes.

    What is exported with the CSV is only the orders that are first displayed when the “view orders” panel is opened up.
    When I change the date range to include a larger range of dates the “view orders” page updates and reflects all the orders within the new date range but the CSV still only exports the orders that are originally displayed with the order screen and not the modified date range.

    I’m following this for the update.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Ok thank you for the additional info- I’ll add it to the issue.
    No update at this time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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