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    Nan Sun

    Hi there

    I m a little confused about how to add booking via front end panel.

    1. what is block ? Does block mean the minimum unit for each available booking?

    2. What does “into the Future” means? I understand Minimum block bookable and Maximum block bookable, but I m not sure how to set the “into the future” options. And, does the “into the future” next to minimum block bookable must be the same as the “into the future’ next to maximum block bookable?

    3. What is the purpose of having Minimum Block bookable? if i set the minimum block bookable to 5, what will happen?

    4. What “Buffer Period”? does this mean the gap between each block or something else? I can only set numbers for this, but I dont see any unit (day, hour or weeks)

    5. About the cost, what is “Base Cost”? and how does “based cost” work? so if i set base cost, when someone purchase a block, the total cost will be the base cost plus the block cost?

    6. how does display cost works? if i set a display cost and the block cost, on the page, it will show both of them, and then cross out the display price ? only show the block cost?

    7 I notice vendor can “enable person types”, but where does the vendor set the person types? or the person types are per-set.

    8. What is Resources?



    I do completely sympathies with your confusion regarding the many settings for WooCommerce Bookings. It is actually quite a complex plugin.
    I would encourage you to thoroughly go through the WooCommerce Bookings documentation and list some test bookings as admin first so that you understand Bookings before trying to use it as a vendor. This will also enable you to be able to explain the features to your vendors as well.
    First, please read WooCommerce’s docs on Bookings: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-bookings/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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