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    I already asked about this here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/filter-by-shop-location?replies=4#post-8424716
    but for a better support I’m following your advice writing here.

    As I wrote before, I don’t want to install third party plugins so I would like to dig more into it and find a way to do it.

    I was searching more info and found this doc from your plugin (I have the free plugin so far):


    I tried to follow that guide but not sure how to add a SELECT with some city options instead of an input text. Can you guide me a little how to do it?

    My idea is to add a new custom field when a vendor is adding a product. A select with some city options, so when a buyer is looking for products can sort them or filter by city. Dont need geolocation or something related.

    Thanks for your time and help

    WC Vendors Support

    In WC Vendors Pro, you could add a select. In WC Vendors Free, you’d have to code it all yourself from scratch. 🙂


    Hi ben,

    Thanks for your reply, so in PRO I could add a select but could I then use it to filter by city?. I would create something like this:

       <option>city 1</option>
       <option>city 2</option>
       <option>city 3</option>
    WC Vendors Support

    You can add anything you want to the Pro templates. Selects, checkboxes, whatever you like, yup. 🙂

    Now, the part where you use something to filter it by city, that would not be Pro, that’s WooCommerce, so you’d have to sort that part out for the customer side of things.


    Ah ok,

    I understand, you are right, I’m gonna check more about woocommerce filters. Anyways as I am not using specific attributes for products, I’m gonna use that option as a filter by city, it works really well so far hehehe.

    Thanks for your time and help


    WC Vendors Maps is now available.


    I have created a plugin for free and pro both versions filter store by country, state, city and store name in separate fields or in all-in-one field for right now is on my http://www.wcvendors.com and i am having some bugs i am going to release it in few days you can check my dokan plugin demo it works the same way and same functionality i have added for it.

    for Free version it will use your billing country state and city for search 😉 so all you need to do is input your billing address if your are not pro

    demo : http://shafiq.alphainvestment.pk

    i love you to develop new functionality if someone has any good suggesting suggest me i would like to work on it more…

    Paula Soito

    Hello. I am in need of having my users filter vendors and products by location.

    I am interested in your plugin, Syed. When will it be available? Will there be support for it?

    Also, the WC Vendors Map would work. However, I do not want an actual map to show up. I simply want the products to be filtered by city and state only. Would this be possible with WC Vendors Map?

    Thank you.


    Check this question above.. ^^


    hi you can get it from here wcvendors store filter however i am open with ideas sorry i am on holidays these days so didn’t check notifications

    products will be on next version if someone show interest in this plugin

    Paula Soito

    Thanks so much. I’ll check it out.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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