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    Rod Pereira


    I am updating the currency symbol shown in the add/edit product forms with the filter ‘wvc_product_price’. It works fine for simple products, but I have just noticed that the forms to edit each variation still shows WooCommerce’s selected currency instead of the vendor’s selected Advanced Custom Field.

    I have read through all the filters available for WC Vendors Pro and found none I can use.

    Here is the code I have in place

      /* Sets the currency symbol to the product add/edit form in WC Vendors Pro dashboard */
      function update_price_symbol_to_vendors_selected_currency( $attributes ) {
        $vendor_currency = get_field('vendor_currency','user_'.get_current_user_id());
        $attributes['label'] = __( 'Regular Price', 'wcvendors-pro' ) . ' (' . get_woocommerce_currency_symbol($vendor_currency) . ')';
        return $attributes;
      add_filter('wcv_product_price', 'update_price_symbol_to_vendors_selected_currency', 10, 1);

    Any idea about how to filter the currency in the variation edition forms?

    Thank you.


    It does not look like there is a filter there..
    Please see:
    wp content/plugins/wc-vendors-pro/public/forms/partials/wcvendors-pro-product-variation.php
    Line 160:

    <label><?php echo __( 'Regular Price:', 'wcvendors-pro' ) . ' (' . get_woocommerce_currency_symbol() . ')'; ?></label>

    It is using get_woocommerce_currency_symbol

    Rod Pereira

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you very much for your answer, it is greatly appreciated.

    In the absence of hooks, do you know how that form could be overrode? The file is not inside ‘templates’, and I do not want to modify the plugin code.



    Hello Rod,
    I understand – it is certainly not ideal to modify core code at all.
    However, in the absence of any hooks or filters for that area, there is presently not a way I know of to alter the currency symbol and they way it is output for the variations form as is.
    I will double-check with our lead developer later tonight if he is available and see if he has another idea or way that it can be modified.

    Rod Pereira

    Great Anna,

    Keep me posted please 🙂

    Rod Pereira


    Hello Anna,

    Do you have any news in regards to how to cover my needs without touching the core’s code?

    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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