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    William Evans

    Hi Anna!

    I followed the guide and updated the basic WCVendors to 1.9 before upgrade WC to 3.0, but forgot to upgrade WCV Pro to 1.4.

    With WCV Pro 1.3.7, I’m getting database errors (big surprise).

    How should I go about upgrading to Vendors Pro 1.4? Hopefully any required database updating was done when I updated to WCV Basic 1.9.?

    Thanks as always, you’re awesome,



    Yeah, just update to WC Vendors Pro v1.4.2 now. That’s our latest version.
    Updating should take care of the errors you are seeing. There were a lot of necessary changes made for our plugin to remain compatible with WooCommerce following the 3.0 update.

    Are you doing this on a live site or a development site?

    William Evans

    Thanks for the fast response, Anna!

    Of course it’s a live site – I’m a cowboy, ha ha. (I’ve got backups, of course.)

    To update, should I just FTP in and overwrite the files in the plugin directory?




    To manually update Pro:
    1. back up your site (optional safe measure)
    2. download the latest Pro version from your account here: https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/downloads/
    3. deactivate & then delete your current WC Vendors Pro (info/settings are stored in your database….)
    5. Immediately upload the new Pro version zip you downloaded from my-account.
    6. Activate! ?

    You can also do it via FTP if you prefer.

    William Evans

    Perfect! (In my defence, I did check the forum and FAQs for info. 🙂

    Anna, you are awesome, as always – thanks so much!!!!




    Great! 🙂


    Hi Anna,

    After Updating to 4.1.2 i have still the same Error like William.
    What can i do?

    thx fore help.


    Please start your own forum topic so that you can provide your WooCommerce System Status and admin login details securely when opening the topic. We ask for this information when you open/begin your own topic.
    Then I can better assist you.
    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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