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    Thanks for this awesome plugin.
    This week I try to figure out why Admin keeps all the shipping money.
    I have wc vendors Pro of course.
    I also have checked “Give vendors any shipping collected per-product” in General and I have “checked” the “Enable WC Vendors Pro Shipping as a standalone shipping method” .

    Any Ideas why admin keeps all the shipping money ?


    1. have you set up admin default shipping rates?
    2. Have your vendors set up their own rates? Have they entered a shipping/store address?
    3. Are you using ONLY our WC Vendors Pro Vendor Shipping method that comes with WC Vendors Pro, or do you also use another shipping method or plugin?


    Thanks for the response.

    1.If my vendors have entered shipping rates do i need to enter default values ?
    3.I think so. I attached some screenshots.

    Any ideas ?


    I briefly logged in to your site–
    From what I can see from your test orders, and then by viewing commission (wp admin > woocommerce > commission), it looks like the shipping funds are being allocated to the vendor, not the admin.
    How are you testing these transactions- in paypal live or test mode?
    Are you using instant payments or are you paying on a schedule or NOW (mass payment)?


    I am testing my site in Paypal Sandbox. By viewing commission (wp admin > woocommerce > commission), it looks like the shipping funds are being allocated to the vendor, not the admin. But in the admin’s paypal account it is happening what I said earlier. Admin always keeps the shipping money. (I can post screenshots of the paypal log later)

    I paying my test vendors using NOW (mass payment) for these tests but in the future I’ll use monthly schedule.


    Please update your WC Vendors Pro as soon as possible to the latest version: 1.3.9
    You should be able to find this in your account here: https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/downloads/

    Can you please disable the WooCommerce shipping options, and ensure that only our Vendor Shipping is available as a shipping option?

    Have you tried any live transactions? PayPal’s sandbox mode is rather unreliable… if you could test some small live transactions if possible,t hat would be helpful. You cam also use the WC Vendors test gateway- but since your Commissions (wp admin > woocommerce > commissions) is already showing the shipping funds in the vendor’s due commissions, I do not know as this would help you much.

    As far as I can tell your settings are correct; I am wondering now if the WooCommerce zone shipping is being chosen at checkout rather than the Vendor Shipping method for the product.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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