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For the time being, we will leave our forums open for reading and learning while we work on creating a more robust Knowledge Base for everyone to use.

If you are a WC Vendors Pro customer please open a support ticket here. 

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    I want to hide the store settings on the menu of the frontend dashboard and the shop settings page from the vendor . Can you guide me how to do that?



    You can remove this by editing the vendor templates using this guide.


    Please note that removing the store settings from the system will probably break your store. We require the shop name to be set for the vendor stores to work. If you disable this, unless you are setting the pv_shop_name meta key via code, your store will most certainly not function as required.




    Okay i don’t want to do that and just remove the Seller info and Shop Description Fields from the store settings page. How do I do that? Also will that make the store not function properly like you mentioned?



    You can remove the following lines from the settings.php template.


    That won’t stop the store from working, Shop Name is the only field we actually require as this is how we create the link to their store.

    An example:

    Vendor One has a store called ‘My Cool Store’ on your domain coolstores.com and your vendor shop page setting is venodrs.

    The URL will be http://coolstores.com/vendors/my-cool-store/

    Everything else is just to show description information so people know what the store is actually selling.




    That works. Thank you so much 🙂


    What should I do to remove view your store button on vendor dashboard?

    WC Vendors Support

    You’d have to hack the code for that right now. We’ll add an option under the Pro tab to disable the “View Store” button in the next release. ( Issue # 79 )


    *For WC Vendors Pro*

    Not ideal, but…

    IF the last tab in your vendor dashboard nav is the “Settings” tab, you can use

    /* Hides the vendor dashboard Settings tab (as long as it is the last tab in the nav list!) */
    	.wcv-navigation ul.menu.horizontal > li:last-child {
    		display: none;

    in your child theme stylesheet to hide it.

    But keep in mind that if you change any of your WC Vendors Pro settings such that the “Settings” tab is no longer the last tab in your vendor dashboard nav, this code will be hiding a different tab!

    Also, you may want to accompany the stylesheet code with this child theme functions code so that a user can’t type the settings page path directly into the browser’s url and get to the settings page.

    // Redirects away from vendor dashboard settings page
    	add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_vendor_dashboard_settings' );
    	function redirect_vendor_dashboard_settings() {
    		$host = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    		if( $host == 'www.mywebsite.com/dashboard/settings/' ) { //replace "mywebsite" with your website
    			wp_redirect( home_url( '/dashboard/' ) ) ;

    This works for me at the moment, anyway. It’s just a suggestion. Use at your own risk 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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