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    Before go to pro i have one question which i need clarification..

    When vendor ship product via logistic partner where he will enter the docket number details for that product so that customer can use tracking via using that docket number. and when vendor update the shipment details customer should get the email for shipping details.

    Can i use this with aftership tracking

    WC Vendors Support

    We have our own built in shipment tracking built directly into the Pro Dashboard. 🙂 No need for any extra shipping plugins! 🙂


    Is is work with India logistic services

    WC Vendors Support

    @vimarc it is its own system, vendors enter a price to ship something, and that’s what the customers get charged. It is not designed to automatically fetch shipping rates, that would be insanely complex for the thousand different shipping carries across the globe. 🙂 Just like eBay, the seller sets a shipping price. Same way with the shipping module soon to be in Pro. 🙂



    I think you are completely misunderstand my question.

    I have asked to tracking only shipment after dispatch

    When logistic company collect material from vendor he provide a AWB/ Consignment Number slip to vendor which help to track the shipment . example : http://dtdc.com/tracking/tracking.asp

    My question is simple that in pro edition do you have any option for vendor to enter that AWB/ Consignment Number for product after dispatch so that customer get the docket number via mail and track his product any time with that docket number.

    WC Vendors Support

    Gotcha. Thanks for the update. You can add as many custom shipping providers as you want. There’s a filter for that, so if you want to add “Shipping Company X” with a URL of http://www.shipping-company-x.com/track.asp?XXXXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXXXX is the tracking number, it will show up on the Pro Dashboard for vendors to say “Shipped with Shipping Company X“. 🙂

    You can add as many shipping companies you like!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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