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    no line on the product page: “Sold by:”.
    template: Listable.
    How to fix it?


    Could you please share your WooCommerce System Status in a reply? (wp admin > woocommerce > system status)

    The theme has heavily modified those WooCommerce pages– if that is the main shop page.
    I am not sure if the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce?

    ### WordPress Environment ###
    Home URL: http://p-kavkaza.ru
    Site URL: http://p-kavkaza.ru
    WC Version: 2.6.14
    Log Directory Writable: ✔
    WP Version: 4.7.2
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 96 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    WP Cron: ✔
    Language: ru_RU
    ### Server Environment ###
    Server Info: Apache/2.4.10 (Unix)
    PHP Version: 5.6.30
    PHP Post Max Size: 100 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 600
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
    cURL Version: 7.52.1
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.7.17
    Max Upload Size: 999 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Удалить запись: ✔
    Удалённое получение: ✔
    ### Database ###
    WC Database Version: 2.6.14
    woocommerce_sessions: ✔
    woocommerce_api_keys: ✔
    woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: ✔
    woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: ✔
    woocommerce_order_items: ✔
    woocommerce_order_itemmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rates: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zones: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: ✔
    woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: ✔
    woocommerce_payment_tokens: ✔
    woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: ✔
    MaxMind GeoIP Database: ✔
    ### Active Plugins (24) ###
    Admin Menu Editor Pro: от Janis Elsts – 2.4.3
    Category Icon: от PixelGrade – 0.6.0
    Comments Ratings: от PixelGrade – 1.1.5
    Contact Form 7: от Takayuki Miyoshi – 4.6.1
    Customify: от PixelGrade – 1.4.1
    Cyr to Lat enhanced: от Sol
    Sergey Biryukov
    Nikolay Karev
    Dmitri Gogelia – 3.5
    Loco Translate: от Tim Whitlock – 2.0.11
    Login With Ajax: от Marcus Sykes – 3.1.6
    Maintenance: от fruitfulcode – 3.3
    WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter (MDTF): от realmag777 –
    Nav Menu Roles: от Kathy Darling – 1.8.6
    PixTypes: от Pixelgrade – 1.4.6
    Post Status Notifier Lite: от ifeelweb.de – 1.8.9
    Postman SMTP: от Jason Hendriks – 1.7.2
    Regenerate Thumbnails: от Alex Mills (Viper007Bond) – 2.2.6
    Acunetix Secure WordPress: от Acunetix – 3.0.4
    WC Vendors: от WC Vendors – 1.9.8
    WooCommerce: от WooThemes – 2.6.14
    WP Job Manager - Contact Listing: от Astoundify – 1.3.0
    WP Job Manager Field Editor: от Myles McNamara – 1.6.4
    WP Job Manager - Predefined Regions: от Astoundify – 1.12.1
    WP Job Manager - Products: от Astoundify – 1.4.0
    WP Job Manager - Job Tags: от Automattic – 1.3.8
    WP Job Manager: от Automattic – 1.25.2
    ### Settings ###
    Force SSL: –
    Currency: RUB (₽)
    Currency Position: right
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Number of Decimals: 0
    ### API ###
    API Enabled: ✔
    ### WC Pages ###
    Ссылка магазина: #6 - /shop/
    Корзина: ❌ ID страницы установлен
    но страницы не существует
    Оформление заказа: ❌ ID страницы установлен
    но страницы не существует
    Мой аккаунт: #9 - /my-account/
    ### Taxonomies ###
    Product Types: booking (booking)
    external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    job_package (job_package)
    job_package_subscription (job_package_subscription)
    resume_package (resume_package)
    resume_package_subscription (resume_package_subscription)
    simple (simple)
    subscription (subscription)
    variable (variable)
    variable subscription (variable-subscription)
    ### Theme ###
    Name: Listable
    Version: 1.8.1
    Author URL: https://pixelgrade.com/
    Child Theme: ❌ – Если вы модифицируете элементы WooCommerce в теме WordPress
    которую вы не разрабатывали самостоятельно
    рекомендуется использовать дочернюю тему. Читайте: Как создать дочернюю тему
    WooCommerce Support: ✔
    ### Templates ###
    Overrides: listable/woocommerce/archive-product.php

    Developers argue that the template is fully compatible with woocommerce


    I do not know why our hook to that section of the WooCommerce product loop / content loop is not showing in your theme.
    I do know that the WooCommerce pages are quite heavily altered- so it is hard for me to tell what is happening.
    All we do is hook into the action in that area of the WooCommerce page. SO if you theme has moved it, used it or rearranged it- it may not show up properly.

    Or– perhaps you have a plugin conflict, which is why I would suggest that you deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro to see if the issue persists.
    If the issue is still there, then switch to the STOREFRONT theme and see if the issue is still present. https://wordpress.org/themes/storefront/

    Also.. you need to fix these two issues in your status report:

    Ссылка магазина: #6 – /shop/
    Корзина: ❌ ID страницы установлен
    но страницы не существует

    Оформление заказа: ❌ ID страницы установлен
    но страницы не существует

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