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    Gary Collins


    I am with a volunteer ski organization and we require our volunteers to make payment to join the organization each year.

    Our organization is National and is divided up by divisions, then into zones which contains our members.

    Currently users register with their zones (different amount paid for each zone). Part of this fee goes up to our National, and Division offices with the remaining going to the zone (bottom > up).

    What we now want to do this Top > Down. Here is what we have in mind:

    1. Have members go to our national site to register.

    2. Determine what zone they belong to.

    3. Make payment to National and Division offices, and the remaining going to the zone.

    With some research I discovered that Stripe Connect is able to split payments to separate accounts, which led me to your plugin.

    Here are my questions?

    1. Is payment able to go to mulitple accounts 1. National 2. Division 3. Zone?

    2. Can the split be an exact amount for 2 accounts and the third gets the remaining?

    3. From what I understand here the zone levels would be the vendors, and the National and Division level would just receive payment from the vendor sale?

    4. We don’t want the members to see the different pricing of each zone (vendor). Are we able to hide this?

    Not sure if your product is able to do what we are after so hoping you can give me some insight if it can.

    I like the idea of your product, but if you don’t think it is possible to achieve what we want maybe you can point me to another plugin that might work that I just haven’t found yet.


    Well.. to be honest, I am not sure. But let’s go through this..
    1 & 2: Not as is, no. Stripe Connect will allow a vendor account to connect to the admin platform account. When a sale is made, the percent commission for the vendor is sent to the vendor’s Stripe account, and the remaining commission is sent to the site admin Stripe account. You MIGHT be able to have some custom work done to alter this configuration so that it would send to more than one account- but you would ALSO have to have work done to have the commission in WC Vendors split among three parties– essentially going to two vendors and the admin — which is not something that we have coded for our plugin at this time. This would be quite a lot of custom development work.

    3. Essentially, yes. We have two parties with WC Vendors: the site admin, and the vendor. The third party does not exist in our code- nor in Stripe connect.

    4. The commission is not known to the customers, unless you were to use PayPal Adaptive Payments. They show the two transactions to the customer- one payment to the site admin, one payment to the vendor. Stripe does not show this.
    If you are telling me that you wish to hide the price of the product from the front end completely– I beleive this can be done.. but how would the customer know what they were paying? Please clarify so I know if I am answering you properly… 😉

    Perhaps you could arrange to divide payments periodically that come to the Division or Top level. The National could be the Site Admin; the Division the vendor. Then the site admin (National) could periodically pay the Zone their percentage outside of WC Vendors.. Or.. National the admin and the Zone the Vendor– with National and Division splitting payment at a later date. Trying to create a scenario where you could split the payment two ways at the cart level , then paying the third party their portion manually, basically.
    Just an idea.. this would cut down substantially on the amount of customization you would need to do.

    You could use Paid Memberships Pro and create a membership. This membership fee could be recurring, and go to the National. Then, the member could chose the product- the ZONE – and purchase the Zone. the zone fee (product) could then be divided (commission) between the division account (use the division stripe account for commission/stripe connect) and zone (vendor’s) account.
    Does this make sense? I know I am going outside the box a bit…

    I cannot think of another plugin at this time that would be able to work your payments as you wish- at least not out of the box.

    Let me know what you think– I’ll be glad to help how I can.

    Gary Collins


    1. I think I could work if the payment is split between 2. Admin (National) would take their cut and the rest would go to the Vendor (Zone). As for the Division level payment that could be made to them manually by National.

    2. I don’t want to hide the amount due completely. Because this isn’t really a store per se I just want the ability for them to choose the zone they belong too and then show them the amount due on checkout. I don’t want them to be able to shop around and look at other zones membership fees.


    there may be some code you could get or a plugin from WooCommerce to visually hide the “product” , or in this case, zone price from the viewer until the item is added to the cart/at checkout.

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