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    Hi there,
    I am unsure if this is the right place to post however will give it a go. I have been waiting a long time for you guys to add bookings and it finally looks like you have done it. I have a question with regards to it as I have previously used it with VC Vendors etc and found no easy way to have a person book a vendor on a set date for a set period of time say like 25/12/2017 for the hours of 8:30am – 10:30am. In saying I found no easy way I probably mean no nice looking way of doing it. For I was able to get it to say do the above booking but when it came to the time slot periods I could not get it so a client could just add 8:30am until 10:30am without having to have a dropdown list of every 1/2 hourly and hourly timeslot to choose. Resulting in a massive dropdown time list which is open to user errors and really not practical.

    I am trying to have it so a person can book a vendor for a variance of date ranges, times and locations. Would have a screenshot of how this would look and if its possible via your integration?

    Kindest Regards


    It sounds like this will be possible for you.
    If you can do it in WP Admin with WooCommerce Bookings, you should be able to do it in our front end forms as a vendor with WooCommerce Bookings + our WooCommerce Bookings Integration.
    I have activated WC Bookings and our Integration on the dev site, so you can try it out as a vendor and see the options.
    I’d advise that you are familiar with WooCommerce Bookings first, so that you understand the options within the plugin.


    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for previous reply. I now have another couple of questions.
    1) we wish to sell membership or subscription to our site. As part of each membership tier we wish to increase the number of categories to which a vendor chooses to associate their listing with eg free 2xcats, basic 6xcats pro 12xcats and so on. I have read that we can limit the amount of categories a vendor can choose and I have found this at woo/wc/product form. But that works across the board all vendors are limited. Do you have any idea how we can make this work?

    Another one we are wrecking our heads over is we have vendors who are booked via clients on the site. We wish to charge not only the vendor a commission on the total sale price but also their client. So for example we have a vendor on a pro pack membership/subscription whom we charge 5% on bookings and we have the client booking the vendod on a free membership/subscription whom we charge 10% commision how do we make this work on the one sale? And if you really want to join us in wrecking heads what if the vendor vendor to pick up the bill of the person booking them so as to win more business and stand out from other vendors?

    Sorry to do your head in.


    1. You would need to do custom code work to create conditions / conditional functions for the category limitations based upon the subscription level of the vendor.

    2. Sorry I really am not sure how you would best work to configure this.. I recommend that you discuss these site specific needs with a developer.. we recommend https://codeable.io for WooCommerce knowledgeable developers. They should be able to hear your needs and provide a quote for the custom work this will require.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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