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    When WC Vendors is disabled, the redirect loop disappears, when it is enabled, the error comes right back.

    When I try to access Login Form on Shop, it shows ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.
    I can’t access any Costumer Page, like My Account or Cart.
    But I can login by Admin.

    I’ve tried both solutions here and no success.

    I’ve check File Permissions too and they look fine (644).

    WC Vendors Support

    Try with WC Vendors, WooCommerce, and the TwentyFifteen Theme with NO other plugins activated. Let me know! I’ve never heard of this error before, I’m thinking it’s a conflict with another plugin or a poor theme.



    Hi Ben, there’s more people with the same problem here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wc-vendors-redirect-loop-when-not-logged-into-wp-admin?replies=2#post-6833498

    I can’t disable all my plugin just to use WC. And my theme is a Premium theme. :/

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Bibiana,

    I’m sorry to say, you still have to follow the testing methods. How do I know what the problem is if you won’t help test it to see what’s *causing* the problem? 🙂

    1.) Switch to the default TwentyFifteen theme. Try logging in. Does it work? If yes, then it’s a theme problem.

    2.) Switch back to your regular theme that you usually use. Disable all of your plugins except WooCommerce and WC Vendors. Does it work? If yes, then it’s a plugin conflict that is causing you the problem. Re-enable a plugin one at a time, and test each time. When it stops working again, the plugin you enabled is the culprit. 🙂

    The threads you reference on the web are very old, and and both of them were resolved by finding the incompatible theme or plugin.

    I’ve tested this extensively on our developer site, and on my own sites, and do not see anything related to this. As we power over 4000 stores, if people couldn’t login, there would be hell on this forum with many users experiencing the same problem. This is the only thread, so it must be a theme or a plugin conflict of some sort.

    I wish I was able to wave a magic wand and say “check this box”, but WordPress is not quite that simple. 😉 Follow the steps above and you should be able to figure out what the difficulty is, and when you do, please report back what the problem was. We’ll be here to help, but can only do so much with over 1 million themes and over 1 million plugins out there that people use on their sites. 🙂

    Remember — WC Vendors does not have any redirects in it. There’s 0 in the source code. It *must* be a plugin or theme incompatibility.



    I wish you had this magic power too lol
    Lets see…

    I’ve let:
    WooCommerce 2.3.7
    WC Vendors 1.6.2

    And the problem persist :/

    WC Vendors Support


    You had deleted the Shop Settings Pages, and deleted the Orders pages. I re-created them, and set them in the settings.


    Don’t delete pages when plugins need them. 🙂 You should be all set now.



    Really??? Omg!
    LOL I’m feeling stupid.

    There’s more people working on this website. 😡

    Thank you so much 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    You’re very welcome. We will add in a method in our next update that will either 1.) add a notice if you delete these important pages, or 2.) allows the site to work without them. I dont know if I’d call this a bug, but we can certainly make this less error prone if someone else makes the same thing in the future. 😉 First time I’ve ever seen anyone delete these pages! 🙂

    PS — The pages that I re-created for you are in English. You might want to edit the pages and put the titles in your native language instead. I’m not too well versed in other languages, hell, I’m barely competent in my own English language according to my wife. 😉



    That would be nice 🙂

    I really don’t even know why these pages weren’t there.

    Another quick question. My account is not a Vendor account.
    When I access this new pages I get:
    ORDERS -> [wcv_orders]
    SHOP SETTINGS -> Your account is not setup as a vendor.

    How can I put this notice “Your account is not setup as a vendor.” in ORDERS page too?

    Thank you.

    WC Vendors Support

    You can delete the shortcode from the pages, and enter any text you like. 🙂


    I must tell you that I also struggled with this error for days and didn’t know what to do about it or what was causing it.

    Until I started to deactivate plugins and I realized it’s because of WC Vendors and then I found this topic and realized it was because I deleted the “Orders” and “Shop Settings” pages… I couldn’t believe it was just this! But glad it was not some bigger issue.

    I deleted the pages because I don’t want to allow vendors to change settings and I didn’t find the “Orders” page was showing much new informations and it seemed redundant so I just thought I wouldn’t need them and deleted them.

    It’s good it’s solved now.

    WC Vendors Support

    Yup, easy fix. Lesson learned: Dont delete pages you have set in wp-admin! 🙂


    Hi- I am also having this same problem now. I don’t recall deleting any pages. If i reactivate the plugin will it recreate the page for me???

    Creative Solutions

    I agree with Facundo

    I had same issue. I did the following:

    adminlogin -> Plugins -> WC Vendors -> Settings -> Pages

    Set the pages properly “after reading” the instructions there. And save.

    Obsi Dian

    OMG – after googling and tearing my hair out for HOURS and trying a bunch of different things (some of which broke the site and I had to restore from backups)…. seems it was simply that my “orders” page wasn’t set either. I can’t believe I’d somehow missed that.


    Given this is such a site-breaking issue, can those pages be already set by default? or some sort of message on the top of the screen letting people know it’s not set?

    WC Vendors Support

    Those pages *ARE* set by default. 🙂 It’s only the site admin that deletes them for some weird reason and forgets about it, and wonders how he broke his site later.

    There is also the WooCommerce System Status Report — If pages are missing, it’ll show up there, too, same as WooCommerce does for core. 🙂



    I have the exact same problem but the pages are set on my site, and I have been struggling for hours.
    What is another solution for this?


    WC Vendors Support

    @katli — Chances are it is this problem, you’re just missing some of the tabs.

    wp-admin > WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Pages – Make sure the Free Dashboard, Orders, and Settings pages are set, and have the correct shortcode. The Terms & Conditions page is optional.
    wp-admin > WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Pro – Make sure the Pro Dashboard page is set, has the correct shortcode.
    wp-admin > WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Feedback – Make sure feedback page is set, and has the correct shortcode.
    wp-admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts – Make sure my account page is set here, and that page has the correct shortcode.

    Also, remember that the Pro Dashboard and the Free Dashboard are two different pages, and you must have both set.


    Hello Ben, I have exactly the same problem than Bibiana, could you help me?




    This issue above was solved by checking to make sure that all of the pages for wc vendors were set properly.
    Please go to your wc vendors pages: wp-admin > woocomerce > wcvendors > pages and make sure those are correct with the correct shortcodes on each of those pages. Then go save your permalinks.

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