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    Dylan Moore

    Hello there. Great plugin.

    I’m currently attempting to use the WooThemes Product Inquiry plugin however it does not seem to be working with yours.

    I came across a thread, albeit an old one from 2015, about using this plugin or BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a little heavy for what I’m trying to do and I like that the Product Inquiry plugin tags the product ID for the vendor so that they know which product is being asked about.

    But it also begs the question: Why don’t you folks implement it? It’s sort of exclusive to the way a store works as I’ve explained. Maybe I’m missing something though.

    And is it possible that I’m doing something wrong with the WooThemes Product Inquiry plugin? A step I’m missing?

    Thanks a lot.


    go to: wp admin > WooCommerce > General

    Change the Product Enquiry email field to BLANK (nothing)

    … and any mail sent via the product enquiry form on the product pages will be sent directly to the email of the vendor of that product.

    Dylan Moore

    Thank you for such a quick response, I’ll give it a shot.

    Dylan Moore

    So there is an error popping up when I try to submit the form and it’s vague and the server logs both in WordPress with WP_DEBUG = true on as well as apache’s logs are showing nothing when I try to use the form.

    Is it possible someone could take a look? I’ve already made sure the Product Enquiry plugin is the most recent version as well as yours.

    WC Vendors Support

    Does the error go away when you undo this suggestion? https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/messages-to-vendors/#post-57362

    I believe you have to have an email there. The Enquiry integration is via filter, and overrides that value, but might give erroneous output if there’s not an email address there, even if its not actually being used.

    Dylan Moore

    Regretfully that did not resolve the mysterious error. It’s a bummer, I’ve been patching code all day so I’m in the mood to but without a log or a better idea of where it could be failing I’m at a bit of a loss.


    I installed this on my dev site.
    Now, I am not getting an error like you are- but I am finding that no longer are the emails being automatically sent to the vendors. At least not yet– I have checked my vendor box for a half hour periodically and it has not arrived.
    So- I am not sure why this is not working any longer…
    I know for sure it worked in the past when you would remove the email in the wp admin > woocommerce > settings, and leave it blank.


    I’ll be fixing the sending issue later this afternoon; WooCommerce changed a filter in the product enquiry plugin.
    Hopefully that will take care of the error you’re seeing – unless they are separate issues.


    Further testing–
    Nope, not the filter.
    Please let WooCommerce know this is occurring.
    I tested this on my own site and the Postman SMTP log shows that emails are actually being sent to the proper email address (vendor).

    Dylan Moore

    Okay I will check with them.

    my own site

    Is the versioning all the same/updated to today? Will WooCommerce people be able to help if it’s not working with your plugin? Doesn’t really seem like their responsibility as much as I’m hoping they can assist.


    So I just re-tested.
    I still am not seeing any kind of error like this. No error.
    And–the emails showed up in my vendor’s email box. Previously they were going to the junk mail box. Fixed that.

    So , all I did was install WooCommerce Product Enquiry Plugin. And it worked. We have code built-in to WC Vendors (free) that changes the mail to -> vendor email. It is jsut a simple filter. I checked and the filters are all still correct with the plugin and ours.

    I did not even need to go and leave the email field blank in the woocommerce settings > Product Enquiry.

    If you have altered the product enquiry template or plugin at all, please revert your modifications to the original (use the original files) and see if that is the source of the error.

    Otherwise, at this point, WooCommerce would need to assist, as it is working fine on our end with our simple filter for the email change.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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