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    jafar jafarian

    i test WCVendors free and it’s very good because the vendor can access all of the product fields that used in woocommerce. like the multi-currency option for wpml. but in WCVendor Pro in product add/edit page it doesn’t have this option and vendor just add single currency price.
    i want but BuddyPress marketplace and WC vendor pro, but this option is very important to me.
    how to set price in other currency with wpml option?can i add this feature?


    At this time, our front-end forms for Pro do not allow multiple languages or multiple currencies. They can be changed to one other language- but the front-end forms do not support many languages or currencies.
    You could check with a developer at codeable.io https://codeable.io to see if they could assist you with custom developing this option for your site.

    jafar jafarian

    i can show second price that with wpml created, in product add/edit page with this code:

    WCVendors_Pro_Form_Helper::input( array(  
    	'type'      => 'text',
    	'post_id'			=> $object_id, 
    	'id' 				=> '_price_IRT', 
    	'label' 			=> __( '_price_IRT', 'wcvendors-pro' ), 
    	'placeholder' 		=> __( '_price_IRT', 'wcvendors-pro' ), 
    	'desc_tip' 			=> 'true', 
    	'description' 		=> __( 'The product _price_IRT', 'wcvendors-pro' ), 
    ) );

    but when change the value of this field and click on save change button the second currency don’t change and after page refresh value don’t be change .
    but i when the add new custom field it completely works and change and save value.
    how to save this second currency field?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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