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    I’m struggling with the currency switcher compatibility and would like you to point me what exactly should be changed.

    In file: class-wcvendors-pro-form-helper.php
    I have made the following implementation:

    $field['value'] = isset( $field['value'] ) ? $field['value'] : get_post_meta( $post_id, $field['id'], true );
    I have replaced with:
    $field['value'] = isset( $field['value'] ) ? apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $field['value']) : apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', get_post_meta( $post_id, $field['id'], true ));
    where woocs_exchange_value is the currency changer plugin.

    This resulted in changing (according to actual currency) not only the price but also the weight and dimentions (sic!)

    then I’ve tried the condition:

      if ($field['data_type'] == 'price')
                $field['value'] = isset($field['value']) ? apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $field['value']) : apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', get_post_meta($post_id, $field['id'], true));

    still nothing

    I was suggested by the third party plugin coder to ask you to add a hook so other could use it like:

    $field['value']= isset( $field['value'] ) ? $field['value'] : get_post_meta( $post_id, $field['id'], true );

    My basic question is:
    How to influent on the price data using wordpress hooks?

    You are the experts of your own code, so please just solve that problem of mine and I will be more than happy to finally puch the works with my website further.

    Thank you in advance!

    WC Vendors Support

    This is custom coding, and up to you to figure out. We simply don’t have time to analyze custom code for all 11,000 of the sites that use WC Vendors. Sorry man.


    Thank you for your lean reply Ben.

    I didn’t ask you to give me a ready code to implement, but to at least, indicate:

    1) file
    2) string(s) that are responsible for <u>price only</u>

    The coding I will try to figure-out myself or with the help of a third party coder.



    I’m including you in this post since your replies seems to be more supportive and merit than Ben’s.

    Thank you in advance in helping me to make your plugin ufefull for my purposes.



    You’re looking at the wrong file is why 🙂 Every form has its own form controller, so you need to look in the product-form


    Every single form input already has filters you can use, you can find them in the file above.



    WC Vendors Support

    Supportive can be a double edged sword. Jamies replies can be more helpful on complex issues like yours, because he’s the guy that codes the plugins. 🙂 But still, having to review all the custom code people send our way would mean that’s my new fulltime job, reviewing peoples custom code. It’s not part of our business model to provide free support for you to customize your site, you’re the admin, that’s your job. 🙂 We’re the guys that write the plugin, not the guys that configure your site for you. 🙂 🙂 Food for thought, anyhow.





    Could you please quote me the service of custom coding concerning implementation the multicurrency of the plugin Woocommerce Currency Switcher by realmag777 (on Envato) into your plugin?

    It may be via PM.


    Karen Thomas

    Following as would love my Crafties who are based all over the world to add product price and shipping costs in their own currency.
    Thanks for all your support both 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    I can say for certain Jamie wont have the time to custom code this. He’s buried for the next 3 months right now coding new features into Pro……


    Would also love to see a multi-currency plugin supported by WC Vendors.. following this thread. 🙂

    Karen Thomas

    Hi there. We are gathering up people who may be interested in allowing their international Vendors to enter product prices and shipping in their own countries currency. We’re hoping if there is enough of us interested, a currency plug in developer will work with Ben and Jamie to develop this functionality.
    If this is something that interests you, please post a ‘I’m interested’ in this forum post:

    Many thanks,


    very interested

    Jeff Maciorowski

    Yes count me in. I have no idea how to use this. My site is already global, I think they would be very upset to see me create a shop that is USA only. They don’t want to convert their prices unless there is a SUPER easy way to do this. Like a convertor right next to the price box.


    This is needed. Im interested too.

    Mayowa Adewole

    Searching for WC Vendor multi currency brought me here, I am so much in need of this right now for my project http://macroshops.com/
    I need buyers to be able to change currency on the same website, Dollars and Pesos


    Since there is no solution to the multi Currency need, Whats the Terms of Use of the WC Vendor PRO, possible to install single license on Main Domain and Sub-Domain or Sub-Folders?

    Karen Thomas

    Can everyone pop over to this topic and post ‘I’m interested’ so we have everyone in the one thread?

    Many thanks,


    Go to:


    I am interested


    Hi again @conscious-crafties. I’m posting the same link I sent you earlier, for the benefit of readers that might not have seen it on the other thread: WC Vendors and multiple currencies – The status so far, and why it might take a while to have such feature implemented.

    I hope this will cover the main threads about multi-currency support. If you think that this information would benefit other users, please feel free to share it. Thanks. 🙂

    Karen Thomas

    THANK YOU SO MUCH @aelia!!!!!

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