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    ryan taber

    Hey guys! So I’m customizing the product submission page and i need help adding something.
    My store is based on two categories. Format and Genre.
    I wanna add two drop down category selectors. One for format and one for the genre. This way my vendors have to select one of each sub-category before submitting a product. So, for example, they would select “hip-hop” and “drum samples” how would i set up these category selectors.

    ryan taber

    Also the product short description isn’t showing up in the product submission page 🙁


    Hello Ryan,
    The product category selector would be rather complex. I am not sure how we would add that without significant modifications. You could certainly have categories for Format (PARENT) and then child categories for Format.. then GENRE (PARENT) and child categories for Genre. TO have two unique selectors would be a tough one to code– as far as I can tell. You could try talking with a dev at codeable.io https://codeable.io and see what they would quote you for this work.

    For the short description… do you have it hidden, by chance? wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > product form (do you have the box checked to hide it?)? Otherwise, if not, then would you please try deactivating all plugins except woocommerce, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro to see if it shows? If not, then try switching to the Storefront theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/storefront/

    If these do not isolate the issue- please share your WooCommerce System Status in a reply, so I can see what you are working with.

    ryan taber

    I was quoted 250$ which seems a tad ridiculous. Would it really be that complex to have a category selector for one subcategory and one for another subcategory?

    ryan taber

    This is a photoshopped mock up of what i am trying to accomplish.

    ryan taber

    I was able to sort it out by using custom taxonomies instead of categories!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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