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    Everything worked just fine when I test the site. Then I wanted get rid of those dummy orders and commission so I delete and re-install plugin (after that I read that phpmyadmin “hack”). After re-install there is no commissions. And when I make an order there is all zeros in commissions page and front end dashboard.

    I’ve checked knowledgeBase and I try Google also.. I also disabled security plugins..



    so I delete and re-install plugin (after that I read that phpmyadmin “hack”)

    What phpmyadmin “hack” are you referring to? This does not sound good….

    When you re-installed the plugins WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro, did you check to ensure that you had the commission default rate set? wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > commissions


    Hi Anna and thank you for quick reply!

    I was tired and frustrated when I wrote my questions and they might were little unclear, but you still got it!

    I read knowledgebase and forums but I only set woocommerce > wc vendors > commissions and I had nothing in Woocommerce > wc vendors > general > Default commission (%)

    When I added that Default commission (%) in general settings everything works perfectly – thank you!

    And that “hack” that I meant was this: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/deleting-commissions/

    I removed plugin for nothing because when I want get rid of those test purchases / commission all I have to do is delete those lines in database.

    Thanks again for great support and have a nice weekend!


    I was little too quick with that.. Now it calculate commission, but it does it with that default commission and product basis commission does not override it.. So I have two different flat rates (t-shirts and bags), but now vendor gets that default commission with all products.


    Little more info:

    Only rate that affects the commissions is that Default commission (%) if it’s blank/0 Vendors don’t get any commissions even there is commission set all products and I had set the commission default rate set (wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > commissions). none of those override that Default commission..


    I put custom login url back on so here is right one: https://hopeareunus.net/hallinta/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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