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    Hi guys,

    Finally got our Adaptive payments working but noticed something strange.

    When doing payouts – the total defined as “due” is different to what is paid.

    We are using Mass Pay to pay Vendors – but the total sent to PayPal is missing the shipping cost.

    Attached is a screenshot(s) of the commission table – and the payout sent by PayPal.

    In the class-paypal-masspay.php, the shipping cost is never accounted for.

    And in class-commission.php the function get_all_due doesn’t pull in the total_shipping column…

    Is this because the Mass Pay class hasn’t been updated for a while or do you not intentionally pay shipping to vendors?

    Happy to send a push request with fix.



    Hi guys,

    Further digging actually uncovered that it wasn’t the mass pay that was causing problems – but rather an issue with how commissions is calculated with WC Vendors Pro.

    Can we move this topic to the WCV Pro forum section?

    On the hook wcv_commission_rate WCV Pro adds another filter called $this->wcvendors_pro_commission_controller, 'process_commission'

    We have tiered packages for users, that is tied to a membership and custom commission rates.

    So we basically expect the users Commission override set in their profile to override everything else, but in the WCV Pro function, the function has no way to disable the “Global commissions” that is set on the WCV Pro “Commissions” tab.

    How do we disable this? Is it a bug?

    I commented out the function for now as it messed up commission due and shipping totals.

    Attached is a screenshot of the WCV Pro page in question – if left blank – it errors and users will get zero commission.


    Please stand-by as I can asking for some assistance with this topic.

    WC Vendors Support

    There’s one person who can (properly) give you the right answer to this question, that’s Jamie. His face is currently buried in a mountain of snow in Colorado while he’s pretending to be amazing at skii’ng (I cant even spell it, darn three letter words!). Expect a reply from him very soon.



    Are you setting the user commission override on the correct form input? There is two in the users edit screen, free and pro. I would like to be able to disable/hide the free one when we activate pro but currently I cannot. I’m working to remedy this at some point.

    The way the commission system works in pro is this.

    Is there a product commission override? Yes – use this and process the commission. No – Go to store/vendor commission.
    Is there store/vendor commission override? Yes – use this and process the commission. No – Go to global commissions.
    Is there a global commission set? Yes – use this and process the commission. No – Don’t give any commission at all.

    For mass payment it grabs all information from the pv_commissions table total_due column. If shipping is not in total_due it will not be added for payout. Based on the screen shot you’ve given total due is including the shipping amount.

    Can you confirm you are setting the correct commission field on the user edit screen?




    I just doubled checked our settings.

    We are using the fields that are for Free WCV.

    I don’t remember seeing these options before – we’ve been developing since version 1.9.0, so were these newly added?

    How would you recommend I update this? I was using an action to update the user meta.

    Will I need to update these meta for each user:



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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