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    Hey guys,

    I’ve been following WCVendors Pro since release. I must say, I am really scared to buy the plugin and that it will not work properly with my current theme.

    I just want to make sure of the following things:
    – Can I have the same settings as normal WC Vendors such as: giving only access to Downloadable (Virtual) product uploads, ensuring that products are pending before it gets uploaded (I have to do a quality check).
    – Under payment options there is once again only fields for Paypal. We don’t use Paypal in South Africa and a space to enter banking details for EFT will work best. Is this possible yet?
    – Can I remove fields (again) such as address and other details so that Vendors can’t see this information but only the products sold?
    – Is there a possibility that I can add more attributes or categories that vendors can choose from to categorise their products better? As in Different Grades, Different Subjects, Different Filetypes without actually making 20 000 category trees?

    I’ve been really happy with WCVendors but I have to move on to something that has Frontend access. $99 is A LOT of money in South African rands, so I don’t want to regret my decision.

    I’m running the Marketica theme at the moment. Have you done any testing with it?

    See my website here.

    Thanks so much!

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Jean,

    It looks like you are using Marketica theme. That’s a unique problem, because the Marketica guys add their own menus in. You will want to do this in order to use Pro: EMail the marketica theme guys, and tell them to integrate with WC Vendors Pro, not just WC Vendors Free, and ask them for code to disable their WC Vendors Free menus that they add to their theme. This code would go in your child themes functions.php file, and probably starts with remove_action and remove_filter stuff. Tell them to email me ([email protected]) for a free Pro license key so they can get their “vendor theme” up to speed! 🙂

    – Download only products with a pending status, Yup, you can do that in Pro.

    – Delete PayPal fields and add bank fields. Yup, we will automatically detect them and show them on the new settings page in Pro.

    – Yup, everything is customizable to show/hide anything you like. Read the Pro Setup guide in the Knowledgebase! 🙂

    – Sure, use product tags, already part of WC Vendors Pro. No need to make a million categories, just let vendors “tag” their products which is turned on by default. 🙂

    $99 is in US Dollars, so whatever that converts to in your currency is the price. $99 is only till December 1st. After that, it’s $149 USD.




    Thanks, Ben! I’ll follow your advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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