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    Version 1.3.5 – 15th August 2016
    * Fixed: Store defaults not applied if no product override #442
    * Fixed: Shipping checkboxes not loading values in admin area
    * Fixed: Missing translated strings
    * Added: New dashboard page nav filters for overriding the navigation

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    PRO 1.3.6 released August 21, 2016
    Read all about it here:
    Welcome to WC Vendors Pro v1.3.6

    * Added: Orders page options to disable table data and actions #359
    * Added: Vendor tools on single product page #334
    * Added: Multi Word Tags support via options #163
    * Added: Tool to import commission overrides for vendors and products
    * Added: GPL notice and support information
    * Fixed: Check if terms page is set when processing application on new installs
    * Fixed: Save fields for pending vendors also
    * Fixed: Shop header: phone number in wrong spot #449
    * Fixed: Sass not compiling
    * Fixed: Dashboard permalink flushed correctly on activation
    * Fixed: Remove debug code from template #446
    * Fixed: International shipping settings issues #445
    * Fixed: Trusted Vendor, Verified, etc. selections in admin are not saving #444
    * Fixed: Fall back to free commission overrides for products and vendors if not imported into pro yet #440
    * Fixed: Inherit Free’s Commission Structure for global setttings #414
    * Fixed: Activation error if post type doesn’t exist.
    * Fixed: Undefined value warning on dashboard
    * Fixed: Shipping checkboxes not loading values in admin area

    * Templates Updated:

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    Version 1.3.7 – 29th September 2016

    * Added: Jquery datetimepicker ui to front end
    * Added: Placeholders for the product description and short description
    * Added: Filters to all file include paths for non template overrides by developers #400
    * Updated: Replaced date picker with jquery-ui-datepicker fixing #466 #459
    * Updated: Portuguese translations thanks Elsa!
    * Fixed: Commission fee product override not saving value #477
    * Fixed: Country rate shipping commission only giving 1 #472
    * Fixed: Hide “export order to CSV” on dashboard/orders now obeys free capability #469
    * Fixed: Can’t edit draft if edit live product is disabled #463
    * Fixed: Move shipping fields into template #456
    * Fixed: Vendor terms incorrect link on application page #452
    * Fixed: Incorrect text domain for some inputs
    * Fixed: Use WordPress date format for date picker on dashboard
    * Fixed: Report issue with reversed commissions.
    * Fixed: Errors saving products with grouped products disabled on the form.
    * Fixed: Remove font family from main style sheet
    * Fixed: Method get_orders2 in class WCVendors_Pro_Vendor_Controller produces an invalid SQL

    * Templates Updated:

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    Version 1.3.8 – November 2016

    Added: wcv_dashboard_nav_class filter to add a css class to dashboard nav
    Added: Show order status to vendors and removed order actions on refunded or cancelled orders #490
    Added: New license and update system
    Added: Action Hook(s) for product-edit Media Uploader area #487
    Added: Admin css class names for shipping fields
    Fixed: References to depreciated function calls
    Fixed: Refresh Page; Feedback / Rating is submitted again. #488
    Fixed: Coupon checkbox selection after edit/save #489
    Fixed: Typo in tracking providers #485
    Fixed: Address info still showing despite permissions selection #480
    Fixed: Undefined variable reference on new template store settings template
    Fixed: Commission fee product override not saving value #477

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    Version 1.3.9 – 24th January 2016

    * Added: Indicate if a product is out of stock on pro dashboard #500
    * Added: Error message to store name #509
    * Added: Action hook ‘wcv_before_product_type’ in product-edit form
    * Added: New filters for product row labels categories and tags #502
    * Updated: License notice for dev/staging sites #522
    * Fixed: Updated variations to use new download file code
    * Fixed: Installer activation code not running #526
    * Fixed: A Product’s Featured “status” is removed after editing in Pro Dashboard #523
    * Fixed: Downloadable files and attachment ID sync issues #518
    * Fixed: Possible XSS from Vendors #527
    * Fixed: Duplicate wp-admin menu item #513
    * Fixed: Pinterest link is missing a double-quote #521
    * Fixed: Tooltip with no tip #514
    * Fixed: Attributes not selected for variations showing in variations #519
    * Fixed: Filter Typo #520
    * Fixed: Multi Select limited for tags: when this method is used, tags are not saved to the product #505
    * Fixed: Product level override is not working if store default is set to: Int’l Disabled. #499
    * Fixed: Add plugin page is full of errors and unusable. #508

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    WC Vendors Pro version 1.4.0 – 3rd April 2017
    Read all about this major update here:
    Welcome to WC Vendors Pro 1.4.0!


    * Added: Action to intercept tracking details entered by vendor #556
    * Added: WooCommerce 3.0 compatible
    * Added: Auto save of custom taxonomies on product forms
    * Added: Template base_dir filter
    * Added: Ability to parse arguments to custom templates
    * Added: Custom page route capability for dashboard
    * Added: Filter for vendor arguments #540
    * Added: Check for variation before displaying on front end
    * Added: Country Table Rate Defaults in wp-admin #364
    * Added: Country rate overrides on wp-admin product page #474
    * Added: Global country rate shipping options
    * Added: Filter for button class on orders page
    * Added: Postcode field to country rate shipping
    * Added: Search to products table #413
    * Added: Order level shipping commission splits
    * Added: Can select multiple images for product gallery
    * Added: Vendor shipping display now split at cart and checkout
    * Added: Calculated shipping data now stored in packages
    * Added: Actions to variations #376
    * Added: Show / Hide Variations options #381
    * Added: Lock Vendor from Editing or Creating New Product #383
    * Added: Limit category selection for select and checklist via option #394
    * Added: Support for instance settings to vendor shipping
    * Added: Option for different default product edit forms
    * Added: Multiple Product Add/Edit template support #285
    * Added: Change shipping label in cart and checkout to ‘free shipping’ if method cost is $0
    * Updated: Main class logger
    * Fixed: Allow multiple image selection in product gallery #525
    * Fixed: Javascript date format issue
    * Fixed: Undefined variable class in order actions partial #542
    * Fixed: Undefined variables in file downloads for variations
    * Fixed: Hide flat rate options when country rate selected globally
    * Fixed: Updated variations to use new download file code
    * Fixed: Text capitalisation inconsistencies
    * Fixed: Parse error with short tags turned off
    * Fixed: References to depreciated function calls
    * Fixed: Coupon ‘apply to all products’ including all future products
    * Fixed: Free shipping coupons #424
    * Fixed: Allow Shop Manager Role /wp-admin/ access #296
    * Fixed: Free shipping over for order and product #474
    * Fixed: Double edit in url on default template
    * Fixed: Allow shipping classes #304
    * Removed: Debug code from template #541
    * Templates Updated:
    * Templates Added:

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    Version 1.4.1 – 10th April 2017

    * Fixed: Duplicate Product is not working #559
    * Fixed: Add Product, Save Draft, Save Changed, Save Draft Buttons are not working #558

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    Version 1.4.2 – 19th April 2017

    * Fixed: CSV upload date range is not applying. #544
    * Fixed: Shipping Shows No Methods Available #564
    * Fixed: Order Export: fatal error #565
    * Fixed: Order Status Strings are not translatable
    * Fixed: Modified vendor controller to allow views plugin to work
    * Fixed: Incorrect version number constant
    * Fixed: Orders & Coupons Page (Pro Dashboard) Blank if Vendor has Orders #563
    * Fixed: Vendor Coupons are showing error; not functioning #560

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