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    Mikal Serwinskus

    Hi, where can i get support per email?

    I bought the vendors pro and some problems with woocommerce simple auctions..
    i translated in simple auction some strings but in frontend is english.
    when im edit a auction and i want go on watch auction there is an error page..


    There is a language file for the Simple Auctions integration plugin:

    Which fields are still showing in English?

    What is the error for the watch auction page– is it a 404 page? Or a different error?

    Our support is handled here in our forums.
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    Mikal Serwinskus

    when i add a new product, in auctions :
    Item Condition
    Item Condition
    Auction Type
    Auction Type
    Enable proxy bidding
    Start Preis (€)

    Bid increment (€)

    Reserve price (€)

    Buy it now price (€)

    and the error for the page is 404 ….

    Mikal Serwinskus

    wcvendors-pro-simple-auctions-de_DE.po have 28 Strings???
    in woocommerce simple auctions the strings are there, and im translated, but in frontend is english?


    I do not know why the page is a 404- likely you need to look into the Simple Auctions plugin settings, as that is not our plugin making the page a 404.

    For the strings that still need translations– you can do this with filters.
    I have added a few to get your started. Use the filters found in this file:

    Scroll down the page, starting at approx line 235, you will see the ocde to make the fields for the front-end forms.
    This is a filter:
    apply_filters( 'wcv_simple_auctions_item_condition'

    As you can see in the code below, I wrote a new LABEL for the field code using this filter for the Item Condition.
    The code below would go in your theme/child theme functions.php file.
    You can continue writing the rest of the filters using the code I gave as an example– keep changing the labels for the rest of the fields that you are having trouble translating.

    Mikal Serwinskus

    The 404 error occurs “only”, because the link to the auction (incidentally also with normal products) in the status message box “product added. Product “is generated incorrectly, with a quotation mark at the end, which does not belong there.

    Mikal Serwinskus

    ??? no answer???


    This is not coming form our plugin.
    This is likely due to a translator plugin.
    Please deactivate all plugins except : WooCommerce, WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro, WooCommerce Simple Auctions and our WC Vendors Simple Auctions Integration.
    Test and see if the error persists without any other plugins active but those above.

    Mikal Serwinskus

    Have you anybody who can make that, against payment?
    for other problems too

    Mikal Serwinskus

    /shop/test-ohne-auktion/%E2%80%9C- this is when i copy and paste
    /shop/test-ohne-auktion/” – this is when i go on watch item after edit a new one….then come this error 404
    when i delete this ” i come to my new item …..

    i deactivate the plugins

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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