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    Hi guys,
    I have a question about price section while adding a product. I’m able to save/add products with a sale price higher than a regular one. As far as I remember it used to work properly. Maybe there is a problem with the current release?

    Same thing is with your demo. (see the attachment)

    Thanks in advance.


    Hmmm.. ok. Yeah that’s kind-of silly, isn’t it?
    Hopefully your vendors will not do that very often! 🙂
    I’ll check and see if it also happens in the back-end form. If so, that’s WooCommerce. If not, perhaps Jamie can add a data-error if a higher than regular price is entered. I would think it would be a rare occurrence that someone will enter a higher price in the sale field…


    when it comes to Woocommerce, for sure it’s not possible to set a sale price higher than a regular once (see the attachment, it’s in polish but it throws an error).

    Unfortunately people do such things. I don’t wanna offend anybody or something but if I want to share the access to the website with a lot of people i prefer to make it dummy-proof 😀

    I’d be grateful for any solution. Showing an error message while “submit” button is pressed would be perfect 🙂


    Ok thank you- I will see if this can be added in a future update to help with any accidental price entries. 🙂


    Big thanks Anna 🙂



    just confirming that has happened on one of my listings too.

    Was just testing a scheduled sales listing and added a price greater than the normal price. Totally didn’t realise.


    However, adding to the above scenario with more specifics.

    I had my item originally at one price only – no sale price.

    I then think I scheduled a few items to be on sale prices for a week, but well in advance.

    I then think that I changed the normal price before the scheduled sale price came into effect.

    now that is something that could happen to a dumbass like me who can’t remember when they did what and change their mind about stuff all the time


    haha- well , it happens.
    I do think this is still an open issue- I will check on it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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