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    Joshua Grady

    Hi All –

    I have my PayPal Adaptive payments all setup and working. I ran a mock transfer on a product that cost 10$ and what I have hard coded into functions.php is this:

    /* WC Vendors Pro — No % for commission, just a tiered fee structure */
    add_filter( ‘wcv_commission_rate’, ‘my_wcv_commission_rate’, 10, 5 );
    function my_wcv_commission_rate( $commission, $product_id, $product_price, $order, $qty ) {

    // First, reduce price to qty1 to do calculations
    $product_price = $product_price / $qty;

    // Second, run through the price and apply the right commission fee
    if ( $product_price > 699.99 ) {
    $commission_fee = 25.00;
    } elseif ( $product_price >= 400.00 && $product_price <= 699.99 ) {
    $commission_fee = 15.00;
    } elseif ( $product_price >= 200.00 && $product_price <= 399.99 ) {
    $commission_fee = 10.00;
    } elseif ( $product_price >= 0.00 && $product_price <= 199.99 ) {
    $commission_fee = 5.00;

    // Third, set the commission to price – fee, since this is just a
    // deduction no percentages are applied
    $commission = $product_price – $commission_fee;

    // Fourth, play it safe by setting to 0 if it’s negative
    if ( $commission < 0 ) $commission = 0;

    // Fifth, round it so there’s no half pennies
    $commission = round( $commission * $qty, 2 );

    // Finally, return the commssion total per product.
    return $commission;

    Resulting in a commission fee equal to $5… However the “Seller” which was my Admin Paypal account received the full amount -paypal fees.

    Knowing my Paypal Account that was selling the item and also the same as the commission receiver – Would I see a break up of the commission somewhere or would I naturally just receive all the money?

    ALSO – The product itself was never removed from inventory after this purchase..



    Since you’ve added this custom code for commissions, I have no idea what has gone awry with the commissions calculations.
    If you remove (or comment out with /* and */ ) this code and test a transaction, does the commissions calculate properly based upon what you have entered in your default commission rate in admin?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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