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    Hi Anna,

    Shipping Problem: This is totally new. A potential customer called us and told us about this issue and we tested after find out he was right.

    For any product whether the vendor entered their own shipping fees or not; during the checkout it uses our default shipping fee such as $10 for the USA, and $20 for international, however when you change the country and update it then shows $20 for the new country on the page, but when you click on checkout in the next page shows shipping $10 NOT $20 for the international country! so it counts the local shipping fee instead of international.

    You can test it by adding a product into your cart and pretend you are buying and change the shipping to USA then another checkout: https://ozrobotics.com/shop/adam-iklips-duo-32gb-usb-memory-for-mobile-devices/

    Or try this product: https://ozrobotics.com/shop/scribbler-v3-3d-pen-equipped-with-the-oled-display/
    Or this: https://ozrobotics.com/shop/ready-to-scan-cowtech-ciclop-3d-scanner-kit/ and any other product!

    What might be the problem?

    Thank you,



    Are you using WC Vendors Pro v1.4.3? We had fixed a similar shipping issue and the fix was included in that version.


    Hi Anna, yes we do have the most latest pro version. All of our plugins are up to date including woo commerce and WordPress.

    P.s. Can we please please keep my forum content QAs private so they won’t be crawled by google to prevent any harm to our site and do not expose our problems to the public and other customers.

    This is truly very important to us for our safety includimg our customers and vendors as we are growing company worldwide.

    Thank you so much Anna.



    It is not happening for this product: https://ozrobotics.com/shop/ready-to-scan-cowtech-ciclop-3d-scanner-kit/
    But I do see it happening for this one: https://ozrobotics.com/shop/adam-iklips-duo-32gb-usb-memory-for-mobile-devices/

    Does this vendor have their Store Address and Store Shipping Address set?

    aliénor Ball-Leroy


    I have the same problem. Have you a solution (all answers is marked”This reply has been marked as private.)

    Thank you,


    Please open a new topic in the forums for your issue, and include your WooCommerce System Status and info we request when you open the topic so that we can better assist you. Your issue may be slightly different, so please provide as many details as possible, and also seeing your WooCommerce System Status is very helpful.

    One thing I suggested for this user try check is to ensure that all of the vendors has their store address and shipping address set. They need to go to their pro dashboard > settings > store and set an address… this way the shipping can be calculated.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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