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    Marc Bovet


    I’ve purchased WC-vendors-maps, developed by shane. It’s a plugin and support are great.

    In you demo here : http://dev.wcvendors.com/store-locator/ how can I display the list of stores below the map ?
    I would like that the list of stores only show the stores currently on the map, how can I filter your list ? Can I filter the shortcode wcv_pro_vendorslist ?

    On my homepage I can display successfully the WC-vendors map. When I click the search button, I would like to be redirect to the store-locator page, as described in A).

    Thank you for helping,



    Perhaps Shane can help you here with some input or ideas, as I have not had time to dive into this plugin yet.
    A) There may be a shortcode output for the map (again, I a not certain ) that you can display on the template for the vendors list (templates/front/pro-vendor-list)

    B)You’d have to find the search file with the code for that plugin’s search, and alter that code so that the search submit would redirect you to that page to view results. Or you could just program a button that says, SEARCH THE STORES”” — have the button just lead to the desired page where the search can then be performed there. Extra step for shoppers, but easier to program ;).



    I would like that the list of stores only show the stores currently on the map

    That is part of the WC Vendors Map Version 1.5 that became available today.

    When I click the search button, I would like to be redirect to the store-locator

    You need to edit this file or create a copy in your theme and edit that:

    Find this line:
    <form action="" method="POST" ...
    And change the action to whatever you want. For example:
    action="<?php echo site_url('/store-locator/'); ?>"

    [ thx @fervous ]

    Marc Bovet

    Hi Shane,

    Just installed the new version and modified the template, it ‘s working fine, great support as usual, thank you !

    When clicking on a marker, it could be great to refresh the stores list as well.
    Initial view : 1 store + a blue marker with 2 stores, 3 stores on the map. List of stores shows 3 stores.
    After a click on the blue marker, the map zooms, 2 stores showed on the map, list of stores still show 3 stores instead of 2.

    An idea for the next release ?

    The string List of Stores: is not part of the pot file and cannot be translated.




    Please contact me directly through http://www.philopress.com/contact/.

    WC Vendors Maps is not yet available on WC Vendors – therefore it is inappropriate to submit comments or support requests here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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