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    Paypal – Paypal Adaptive Payments is working fine. It instantly splits commissions, and I can “Pay Now” because masspay is enabled.

    Stripe sent an email asking me to verify my information and upload ID today. I did that.
    I got a payment through Stripe this morning and the commission did not get auto paid to the Vendor. Commission of $49.63 is showing owed to Vendor.
    Stripe auto pay worked before I got the Stripe verification email. Now seems not to work.
    So, I unchecked instantly pay vendors and chose “Now” radio button.
    I click “Save Payment Changes” button.
    I get this error:
    Failure. Insufficient funds (10321): The account does not have sufficient funds to do this masspay.
    Payment total: $49.63

    Stripe has a few thousand dollars in it, but this NSF seems to be for Paypal as it mentions masspay.

    So… you say that you want us all weened off Paypal… but can I pay my Vendors with this Stripe Plugin I bought from you or not? Can I mass pay through Stripe or not? Is Paypal conflicting with Stripe? Do you have documentation on how to actually pay someone with this Strip Plugin or is the only documentation available the set up documentation?

    Thanks for your help.


    If you use our Stripe plugin, the payments are instant only. The Settings in wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > payments are for PayPal Adaptive Payments. there is no Pay Now or scheduled payments with Stripe.

    Stripe for Admin is configured in wp admin > woocommerce > settings checkout > stripe connect
    Each vendor who wishes to accept Stripe payments needs to be connected to your Stripe platform; they must connect to Stripe by visiting their Pro dashboard > settings > payments and clicking the connect to Stripe button.

    Once connected, when one of their products is sold, the commission is sent directly to their Stripe account.


    What would cause Stripe to stop working? Because, we set it up, and it worked, then it quit working. Account verification on Stripe’s end? Vendor account verification? Marketplace verification? Either/ or? Can you find out and get back to me?


    It’s the vendor. He didn’t have Stripe connected because he said that the Connect to Stripe button was not showing. But, I have Switch to User installed as a Plugin and when I switch to him, I can clearly see the Connect to Stripe button. Is there a reason he can’t see the Connect to Stripe button?


    I do not know why a particular vendor would not see the button.
    I have checked firefox, chrome and mobile (ios) and the button is showing .. so unless there is another browser that has an issue (not really likely) then I do not know why this vendor did not see the button when viewing pro dashboard > settings > payments


    See the screen shot of the Stripe message my vendors are getting. I obviously haven’t set things up properly but I have no idea what to do.


    OK. I figured out the above note. The Vendor got set up. I have the product set to give the vendor 50% and the general settings the vendor gets all the tax. We just received an order and the Vendor got 100% of the payment!!! But, the commissions in your plugin indicates that the vendor only got paid 50% plus the sales tax! Maybe start new thread?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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