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    Dear support,

    I’m trying the free version of WC Vendors and will upgrade to the pro version if this is the multi-vendor plugin that I’m looking for…

    I don’t quite understand the concept of commission. To what I understand I need a plugin which vendors can open stores in my site and selling their products. My site will take a flat fee (listing fee or handlling fee) and also charge a commision (a percentage of the total value) of what they sold.

    During the setup process, commission % is what I “GIVE” to the vendors? Should I be the one RECEIVE the commission instead of giving the commission?

    I’m very confused. How WC Vendors work? Is it mysite will receive all the payments from all the things that are sold in my site, and then vendors send out their goods, then customers confirm received their goods and after all necessary steps then I GIVE the “commission” to the vendor?

    If I want to charge vendors a flat fee of $1 to list a product on mysite, and 5% commission of the value they sold on mysite, how do I setup the commssion?

    Please clarify the above.

    Your early reply will be much appreciated.


    WC Vendors Support

    It’s easy. You pay vendors commission. If price is $100, and commission is 90%, then you, the admin, gets $10, and the vendor gets $90.

    Rocket science at its finest! 🙂


    Hi, @BEN
    If the vendor adds the product, he should calculate the price and the commission, right?
    For example, if the base price for his product is 90, then he should set the price at 100, right?

    If that’s true, is there a way to do this automatically? For example, everytime a vendor sets the price, the actual price that will show up at the website is base price + commission


    No, there is not a way to automatically add the commissions percentage onto the base price of the product .


    Hi, if i want to charge $1 per item sold as commission i.e to admin, how do i set this – bcos commission set goes to vendors. Thanks


    Hi, if i want to charge $1 per item sold as commission i.e to admin, how do i set this – bcos commission set goes to vendors. Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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