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    martin z

    Hi everyone , I need some help about the tracking number and the date when vendor ship it.
    Here is the story , after vendor ship the items to buyer , vendor must go to his dashboard and need to tell buyer the stuff been shipped, by clicking ORDERS>Tracking Number , and pop up window . to choose the (SHIPPING PROVIDER , TRACK

    And the Question is : Why when buyer get email notification , and also on buyer’s dashboard , only displayed the link of Shipping provider , butthe tracking number/ airwaybill wasn’t included.

    is there any solution maybe add some code to do that ?

    Thank you


    martin z

    Here is what i get when I am on buyer’s dashboard :

    Order #2848 was placed on June 1, 2017 and is currently Processing.

    Order updates
    Thursday 1st of June 2017, 09:49pm

    A vendor has added a tracking number to your order. You can track this at the following url. http://www.jne.co.id/id/beranda

    but the email notification on buyer side was nothing for the Track Number that vendor typed it in , I just want to know where I can insert the Tracking Number.



    Did you use one of the built-in shipping companies when entering the tracking, or did you add some?
    Did you use this code if you added some new carriers?

    martin z

    Hi Anna ,
    Thank you for quick response , Yes I used the option #2 with the code like you give me so all shipping provider that WC Vendors provide it I deleted them all , and I am using our shipping provider companies now , there are three links companies in there been inserted already.

    when I clicked track number , I selected on one of shipping provider>I insert Tracking number>select the date also . and it works well, after that I checked my email as buyer , and the shipping Link is correct but the tracking number ? I didn’t see any .
    Please see the attachment file

    Thank you


    martin z

    email Notification for buyer

    martin z

    this is buyer Dashboard



    I have almost the same problem. But mine is a little bit worse.

    I don’t get the link (url to shipping provider) or the Tracking number in e-mail or on customers dashboard…

    This is my code in functions.php:

    function custom_shipping_providers( $providers ){
    $providers = array( ‘Shipping Providers:’ => array( // Change Your Title to something else
    ‘Å&Oring;company1’ => ‘http://www.company1/track/?shipmentid=%1$s’,
    ‘Å&Oring;company2’ => ‘http://www.company2.com/%1$s’,
    return $providers;
    add_filter( ‘wcv_shipping_providers_list’, ‘custom_shipping_providers’ );

    Any ideas?


    Is that the exact code you have in your functions.php?
    You need to use the actual URL to the tracking for the provider that you wish to add..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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