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    Anan Mohammed


    I found that commissions automatically reverses sometimes when an order is cancelled – this can be very time consuming as I have to double check every time an Order is cancelled.

    On my website, my main payment method is COD and I manage the Inventory and Delivery for all vendors. I make vendor payments manually. Sometimes an order is placed – the vendor sees the commission payable on their dashboard, then I have to cancel the order for whatever reason – causing the vendor to question where the commission went.

    For these two reasons, I really think it would be best to include the option to apply commissions ONLY when the Order Status is set to Complete.

    Until this is done, can I have some direction to the code that needs to be altered in order to do this?

    Anan Mohammed

    For those of you who are interested in this, I managed to find the solution (I think) seconds after posting.

    Go to plugins/wc-vendors/classes/class-commission.php and on line 18 remove ‘processing’ so the function would now be

    function __construct()
    		$this->completed_statuses = apply_filters( 'wcvendors_completed_statuses', array(
    																						   ) );
    WC Vendors Support

    Why would you hack away at the core code, to remove something that can overridden by a filter? Search docs.wcvendors.com for wcvendors_completed_statuses do that instead. 🙂 Much simpler, upgrade friendly, and you arent hacking away at source code! Food for thought! 🙂

    Anan Mohammed

    @ben Thanks!

    Anan Mohammed


    I’m not versed in php language at all.

    Clearly you could have recognised that by my method of madnes. I really need your asassistance as hope to use the filters seem a bit vague.

    I tried of course but failed mainly because I don’t know much about filters and how to use them


    I am not sure if this works to achieve what you are trying to do, but this is how you would write that using the filter:
    (this would be placed in your child theme functions.php file)

    Anan Mohammed


    Thanks for your reply,

    That’s the exact code I was trying in my functions.php file (I gave the function a different name however).
    For some reason, Commissions still trigger when the order is Processing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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