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    I just saw something funny in the Commission tab table.
    Regardsless of the vendor of a sold product, another vendor seems to turn up on the same purchase ?? (see image)
    The real vendor is getting their right commission, and the vendor nr 2 gets the “admin commission”.
    How does that work? I have not seen this before? Is it a new feature from latest update?
    And how can I change vendor nr2 to a ShopManager or Admin instead?

    Very strange… and urgent.

    Best regards


    Well that’s bazaar. This extra vendor receives the admin commission?
    Is this a legitimate vendor on your site, this extra vendor?
    Or admin? Is this an admin account?
    Admin commissions do not normally show at all on the commission page.

    Have you altered the vendor roles, or anything having to do with commissions by adding code to your functions.php?
    Have you tried any debugging, such as deactivating plugins, etc: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/read-before-requesting-support/

    In a private reply, Please provide your WooCommerce System Status, as well as an admin login and password, please.


    Ok.. so I think I have found the problem.
    The vendor AnnaN had the user ID 1. When I change the user ID to something else, she no longer appear on every sale to get the “admin commission”.

    So, just to clear things out… WC Vendors are always targeting the USER iD 1 whith the “admin commission”?

    An easy way is of course to let user AnnaN have another user ID – but as we uses the produkt SKU as part of the User-ID, it would be great if AnnaN could still have User ID 1. Otherwise we need to change SKU on many products to match the seller.

    Is there a solution or workaround for this?

    Thank you.


    It’s still funny that that a new line appear when a vendor is set to user id 1.

    As I wrote earlier, I think the function is good, as it gets very clear on every order what is the vendor commission and what is the admin commission. (y)
    But of course the admin commission must be on the right user 🙂



    Yes currently wc vendors treats user_id 1 as the admin for pretty much everything. I would not recommend setting your user_id 1 as a vendor role.



    WC Vendors Support

    Not just WC Vendors — most all of WordPress treats user id 1 that way. Just so you know it’s not crazy wc vendors it’s crazy wordpress =)


    OK, thanks.
    Strange, some security-pugins recommend you to change the user id of the admin from 1 to something other…

    Anyway, I am glad to find what causing the problem 🙂

    Still, I though it was kind of neat seeing the “admin comission” on every order like that – a feature for the future perhaps? 😉


    They might recommend that you change the name from “admin” to another name- but not alter the user 1 from being the actual admin of the site… I think? I do not know for sure, but I do know that simply charging the name from admin will help…
    malicious robots or people often look for the name ADMIN when trying to login and hack the site. So if you simply name your site admin to something other than Admin (like Stefan, for example)you avoid that potential issue. 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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