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    Justine Baker

    My apologies as there are a lot of threads on here. We have a multi-vendor site using WC Pro w/Woo on a WP site.

    Our site has a gateway that worked in Test Mode for purchasing. The vendor and the customer received an email w/the items they ordered noted.

    When enabled for live mode, it takes the payment but no Woo email is sent to either the vendor or customer. It does work live on other WP sites, but told the WC Vendors needs some sort of code to have it work in live mode.

    If the answer isn’t known, will someone please respond with whom would be able to do so? A coder that can fix the issue rather quickly so that we can officially go live?

    The gateway is called Ubiquity and is currently deactivated in the plugins.

    Our store front area begins on https://www.BudLodge.com/shop/ to test cart after activated to see what I mean. In dashboard it will show an order and the amount, but doesn’t say what was ordered and the email notifications to vendor and customer (like in test), is necessary. We simply can’t easily change our theme so far along in the process. But using Listify.


    Hi Justine,
    I have never heard of the Ubiquity gateway. Is it WooCommerce compatible?
    If so, then you should be able to take payments. All customer payments will be sent to the site admin. Commissions for the vendors will be logged in wp admin > woocommerce > commissions and you can pay your vendors their due commissions using whatever method you choose on whatever schedule you wish.

    I am perplexed as to why the emails would work for testing but not live.
    You can look through our email debugging guide here: https://www.wcvendors.com/kb/debugging-mail-issues/
    And I do highly recommend the Postman SMTP plugin for working out email issues.

    When you were testing transactions- were you using a test mode with that gateway? And once you put the gateway in live mode, the orders in the dashboard are not showing properly?

    Justine Baker

    The gateway is for woo and worked on other sites in woo. I had an issue before with emails not sending via Woo. Paypal, etc. all worked and then at some point, they stopped. The test mode was strange, but live it still took my money but no email as a customer or as the vendor.


    Did you go through the email debugging article and/or install Postman SMTP?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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