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    Hi there,

    I recently installed the plugin on a site I’m working on, but I’ve having a bit of a problem,

    Individual vendor shop pages aren’t showing up, for example:


    If you click ‘Sold by:Assemble’
    Rather than linking to http://furnitureclub.org/wp/vendors/assemble like its meant to, it goes to http://furnitureclub.org/wp/?post_type=product&vendor_shop=assemble .
    Infact the /vendors/shopname doesnt exist either

    I’ve been looking round for what might going wrong for ages – any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Ha, after all that I finally figured out the problem – I just had to update the permalinks

    WC Vendors Support

    Glad you got it solved fast, lewis! Any time you see goofy URL’s like that, it’s the Permalinks. 🙂


    Hi Lewis,
    Can you kindly instruct me where to change permalinks. I am encounterring the same problem as of yours and i barely dont understand what to do. The shop page is completely not working

    WC Vendors Support

    wp-admin / Settings / Permalinks <--- Scroll to bottom. Select "Shop base with category" and then click "Save".


    Thanks a lots Ben, atlast it worked !!! Can I get your personal email coz I am new to wordpress and have to get many clarification. It will be helpful to me

    WC Vendors Support

    Your very welcome. 🙂

    I wont share my personal email for technical support. That’s what the forums are for! If you ask me a question in email, only you benefit from the answer. If you ask a question on the forums, it benefits you AND everyone else who visits the site for support. So please, do ask questions here 😉


    Good day

    I am experiencing a similar problem the vendor shop page not displaying, but rather when going to vendor/vendor1 it redirects to the default shop page.


    redirects to

    default shop page

    i have tried changing the permalinks but with no luck. i am using the shop base with category option.

    please help

    Thank you

    WC Vendors Support


    Go to your wp-admin, and go to WooCommerce / Settings / Products / Shop Page Display and set it to “Show Products”.

    Please do start a new forum thread for issues, rather than bumping old ones. It’ll help keep everything more organized for us, you, and new members researching issues. 🙂



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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