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    Hi guys!

    Im currently using Wc Vendors together with Userpro for Front end publishing of woo products, which works great. however – Im trying to integrate Woocommerce Simple Auction to the same mix, and are facing a problem where Auctions are a variable product and I haven´t found the last pice of the puzzle to make users publish the auctions themself (even though they al have the right Meta Keys, grr).

    So my questions – Will the upcoming pro version have an Front end Publisher with possibility to set an variable product… and when will it come? 😀


    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Jerry,

    What front-end plugin are you using? Is it WPUF?

    The Simple Auctions plugin is compatible with WC Vendors, of course, and on our front-end editor it will be very easy to use and automatically detect it. Our front end dashboard is only 1/2 done, it’s nowhere near useful yet.

    When? A few months. We’re only a team of two people, and Jamie does most of the hard programming and we both have to pay the bills with real jobs too. 🙂 We’re getting there, it’s just taking time is all.



    Hi ben!

    My site is a customized mix between Userpro, WC Vendors and WPUF. I use Userpros uploader for products and WPUF for the editing of said products – since userpro doesnt support that.

    For this I have tried to hardcode a few hidden metas belonging to the auctions on the userpro uploader – and I have tried to set it all trough a WPUF uploader aswell. I got a respons a few moments ago from WPUF stating they don’t support variable products.

    It’s frustrating since I have all the needed meta keys for the auctions working – Itäs just the last pice left to make woo undestand its an auction left.

    So My hope would be your uploader i guess 🙂

    WC Vendors Support

    WPUF’s support of products is pretty weak. It works for simple and downloadable products, but go past that and it cant do anything. Which is odd, because they could do it, they just don’t choose to. Nothing like selling a full featured WooCommerce editor without full support, right?

    Don’t worry, ours will, it’s just not ready for sale yet. Still a ways out. Much more to do.


    Yeah thats odd actually.

    anyways, I did find a workaround. WPUF allows a custom taxemony drop down, where auction showed up. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to set a default value – but with some jQuery that was fixed. then I just hid it with said jQuery swell. Now it works!


    How can i combine wc vendors with ultimate auction plugin?

    WC Vendors Support

    @rehber7777 – Please start your own thread, rather than bumping an unrelated thread with a new unrelated question. 🙂


    Any news on this ???

    I really need frontend submission of simple auction items …



    Hello @Lime-IMC

    This is supported in pro and has been for a very long time. Please take to look at our plugins page and read the descriptions.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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