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    we have just updated to your latest WC Vendors Pro v1.4.3.
    We followed the procedure (according to this thread —> https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/how-do-i-update-pro/)
    1. Update WC Vendors Free
    2. Deactivate WC Vendors Pro Plugin
    3. Delete WC Vendors Pro Plugin
    4. Install latest version of Plugin
    5. Activate WC Vendors Pro

    The Pro plugin seems to work properly but we missed all the configuration.
    According to the thread everything (info/settings) are stored in the database.

    Could you please inform us what went wrong in order to avoid it in future updates.

    Thank you in advance


    If you license is active, you should be able to update Pro from the wp admin (you’ll see an update notification).
    If you manually updated Pro– what settings were lost? They ARE stored in the database.. what was lost when you uploaded and activated the Pro update? Which version did you have before you updated (if it was a lot older, some settings like vendor capabilities may have been reset due to changes made..)?


    we updated from 1.3.8 to 1.4.3.
    WC Vendors Free was updated by the update notification.
    There was not update notification for the Pro plugin although our licence was activated correctly.
    So we proceeded in manual update.

    Most of the settings in WC Vendors tabs were reset to default values after the update.
    Do you think that there has been some major change in the fields or tables that caused this?

    Thank you


    I am sorry to hear this- this is not usually what happens, and I do not know why the settings were returned to default when you manually updated.
    Was all of the vendor info retained? DO you just mean the settings such as capabilities, commission rate, product form settings, etc?


    unfortunately most of the settings were reset to default (shop options, capabilities, page settings, pro options e.t.c.)
    For helping you understand the issue, it seems that only Vendors Info and Payments remained untouched.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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