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    We are seriously considering buying the Social Marketplace solution from BuddyBoss to empower the entrepreneurs of a local village in the Northern part of Holland. We want to offer a multisite wordpress environment where the main domain hosts the marketplace with all ‘sellers’ and ‘shops’ and that the subdomains of that domain are used in the ‘network modus’ of WP and every seller gets his or hers own shop. We want to use WP vendors also (to avoid wp-admin and enable front-end product management) even for the ‘stand alone sites with just one vendor/shop.

    Ofcourse there is not much cash in this group 😉 and I have to make decisions on which theme/plugins combinations is most cost effective is such multsite project and works with WP vendors (because of its front-end functionalities).

    When I google or search your support forums I can’t get a definitive answer and the last mention of it (multisite support) was in january of this year.

    That is why I enquire this.

    So questions are:
    Does the current release of both the free AND the pro version of WP Vendors works\ works well in a multisite environment.
    Which or how many licenses do I need for a multisite? (one main site and many subsites for the products of one vendor)?
    As a bonus: Do you know of any (public) examples of such a configuration we can visit?

    Thanks in advance.

    Your product is really standing out!!!

    Best regards,

    Casper Honijk

    WC Vendors Support

    With domain mapping it should work just fine. For subdomain or /directory/ multisite it will not function at all.

    For multisite you will need 999999 licenses, paid in full. That’s one billion dollars. Ha, just kidding, you only need one license.

    As for public examples of multisite, I dont have any. Most sites wouldnt tell you on the front end they are multisite anyway.

    I would still issue my standard warning on multisite — 75%+ of WooCommerce plugins are not Multisite ready, and neither is WooCommerce itself. Unless there’s a MISSION CRITICAL reason to use multisite — Do not use it.

    Have fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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