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    So, it seems that you’re done with replying in this thread, and feel your “answer” was sufficient?!?

    Well, to clarify a bit further: the reason all those questions were asked is because there’s NOTHING in the documentation that addresses adding your paid plugin AFTER setting up through the WooCommerce settings, so it’s virtually impossible to know without deleting everything (no boxes to check/uncheck for much of what was input manually), potentially negating all the time & work put into it, just to try the “the good old “TRY IT AND RELOAD THE PAGE” trick” you mentioned.

    There should be something to address this scenario in your documentation if you’re unwilling to take the time to assist in supporting your PAID plugin (just like it’s “my job” as the site admin, it’s YOUR JOB to answer support questions that aren’t answered in the plugin documentation, when asked, & part of the reason why you’re getting paid).

    To simplify, we wanted to know if WC Vendors plugin would supercede all other settings, or at least receive clear, concise instruction on whether or not we need to delete everything else to achieve what we’re looking to do (it shouldn’t be a guessing game, a lot of time was spent on this prior to PAYING YOU $149 for something that should be in WooCommerce but unfortunately is not). So, this IS a support question that’s NOT answered in your documentation.

    No doubt someone will take what you’ve done, under the GPL licensing agreement, make it better, provide better support, and bury WC Vendors! So, enjoy it while you have it, because while I don’t know much I do know this: it won’t last forever when you act like you do, and treat others the way you do that have PAID for plugin support (I’m not the first, I’ve seen your rude, condescending replies before).

    Thanks for your time, buddy, and even though I’m sure you will there’s really no need to come back with one of the smug, arrogant replies you’re becoming famous for just so you can get the last word in & look good to everyone (don’t worry, your “followers” will still think you’re wonderful and feed your overinflated ego no matter how you respond to others).

    Have a blessed day; we’ll figure it out on our own…

    in reply to: Multiple Shipping Option #77459

    Sorry for asking questions on a PAID plugin?!? So, lets’s do this: just one question, are you able to answer this to at least, maybe help us avoid deleting something that I would guess was time consuming that we might still actually need, even with your plugin?

    * Besides the Vendor Shipping tag, which is accessible either through WC Vendors Pro or directly through WooCommerce, should any of the other tabs (Shipping Zones, Shipping Options, Shipping Classes) be filled out/utilized if Vendor Shipping is checked off as Standalone, thus allowing vendors to setup their individual shipping as they need?

    in reply to: Multiple Shipping Option #77446

    Good morning, @fervous! First off, let me apologize if any of this is redundant or answered elsewhere, I did search but wasn’t able to find a suitable forum post that answered all of the questions I had, or that provided conclusive facts to the issues seen!

    I’m helping my cousin setup a marketplace and we’re having the same issue, but before we make any changes by deleting shipping zones, shipping classes, etc. (not seeing the option to disable those) just a couple quick questions, please & thank you!

    1) Will vendors be able to set their shipping, as they see fit, for stores exclusive of any settings that may have already been set (or should my cousin, as admin/site owner, set NOTHING and activate Vendor Shipping only)? She does want this to be the case, all stores/shops independent of one another, and the main site, setting everything as they see fit within certain guidelines, of course!

    2) Besides the Vendor Shipping tag, which is accessible either through WC Vendors Pro or directly through WooCommerce, should any of the other tabs (Shipping Zones, Shipping Options, Shipping Classes) be filled out/utilized if Vendor Shipping is checked off as Standalone?

    3) If using Vendor Shipping, do vendors have the option to provide free shipping for orders over $XX (a certain amount), and if it doesn’t qualify then flat rate, per item, etc. will kick-in at that time?

    4) Should ANYTHING be set under Product shipping tab (see attached images), or does this need to be blank?

    5) Any thoughts on why we’d see just one vendor having the Calculate Shipping option (see attached image)?

    6) Will doing what you recommended above for Test123, along with replies to questions 1-3 above, only show a single option (shippings cost, free shipping if order exceeded minimum, etc.) that we’re looking for?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide; this has been a bit confusing and my guess is that it’s because we’d already set up so much PRIOR to adding WC Vendors, and now it’s difficult to understand exactly what’s needed, and what we DON’T need since installing your plugin!

    in reply to: Errors upon checkout #72553

    I’m getting the same error messages and when Raghav submitted this it was indicated that he thought the first error message is because of it being setup incorrectly (putting himself as the seller & buyer, causing the “Error ID: 579040. Receiver PayPal accounts must be unique.” error message to generate).

    However, there’s nothing to indicate the second error message he referenced (“Error ID: 580022. Invalid request parameter: payKey cannot be null | This one is the issue”) is related to that other issue, or that it was addressed, and as stated Jaime had advised in Support item# 2866 ( it was a bug that would be fixed in the next update (reply was in March, 2015).

    This site is for my cousin, and I’d already suggested to her that error message# 1 is likely caused by the aforementioned issue but even when I attempt to make a purchase, with my own Paypal account that has nothing to do with her website, we get that error message but ONLY when trying to purchase from more than one vendor in a transaction – I’m NOT the seller AND buyer in this transaction, just the buyer (and logged in with a buyer account)?

    To summarize:
    1) I’m able to complete a purchase of a single item, or multiple items, through EACH of the the 3 vendors setup with no problems / no error messages whatsoever (commission split correctly, etc).
    2) That said, once I try to purchase an item from more than a single vendor in a transaction (multi item purchase from more than one vendor), both of those error messages are generated.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong but if the issue for error message 1 exists when trying to purchase from 2 or more vendors, shouldn’t it be a problem for ANY transaction, whether it’s a single vendor purchase or from multiple vendors?

    Please let me know what else you might need regarding this issue. Thanks for your time & assistance, it’s greatly appreciated…


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