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    Tommy Tompkins


    Thanks for the response. That’s a real bummer. After researching WC Vendors, YITH Multi Vendor, Dokan, and WC Marketplace, it appears that all Woocommerce based multi-vendor marketplace solutions have this exact same fundamental flaw. It seems like such a basic requirement that I’m very surprised that any of these options can be considered valid solutions here in the United States. If the tax configuration options that are available at the Woocommerce settings level were duplicated and able to be made available at the vendor level, this wouldn’t be an issue. I can only assume that Woocommerce wasn’t designed or intended to be used in a multi-vendor environment since all of the above plugins weren’t able to piece together a solution for what I would consider a basic requirement for all US based e-commerce applications.

    Man…this is a real bummer. I had my heart set on using a Woocommerce based solution and now I’m not sure what to do. If you guys ever find a good solution for this, I’d appreciate it if you could update this thread so I can be notified.

    Thank you,


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